Screen flash and google fit problem.


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Jan 21, 2017
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I have LG urbane for 10 months and then I have a huge stuck red pixel on the screen and so I send the watch to repair under warranty.

Now, I got the watch back. It seems the metal body is new and they have replaced the display. But now every time when the screen turn on from tapping or turning my wrist, the screen will have a red horizontal line for half second before fully turn on.

Also, when I try to use the heart rate monitor in google fit, the result will not show at the end, it just show the same number from the previous test. I have to quit the fit and then go back to fit to check the latest result from the list.

Is it my watch or there is bug in google fit update? I remember before I send the watch for repair, google fit will track my heart rate randomly and automatically log the result throughout the day. I can see the green light on the back is on when I take off the watch. But now it is no longer to track my heart rate automatically. I am not sure is it the latest android wear change it or it is just my watch.

I try to google but I cannot fins the answer.

My watch is running on M1D64Y

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