Secrets of the Nexus One's screen: science, color, and hacks


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Mar 18, 2010
In two recent comparisons of the Nexus One's famed AMOLED screen to the iPhone's LCD screen, one done by a display testing company and another done by a blogger, the Google phone's display actually came out the loser. Most of the online debate that followed the two articles was centered around color accuracy, color quantization artifacts, viewing angle, etc., with Google's defenders arguing that the numbers don't tell the full story because you have to take human perception and the human visual system into account, among other factors. But a related, and potentially even bigger issue, hasn't been investigated as thoroughly as the others. Specifically, despite the fact that both Google and HTC have repeatedly claimed that the Nexus One's display is 480x800 pixels in size (252 pixels per inch), the actual effective screen resolution may be substantially less than that, depending on how you count the pixels.

Sorting out the real resolution of the Nexus One's screen is much more than a minor technical exercise, because a lot of Nexus One buyers (myself included) based their purchasing decision at least in part on the amazing-sounding screen resolution, and many of us were disappointed in the lack of crispness of text. It's also worth noting that the next-generation iPhone is rumored to use the same AMOLED technology as the Nexus One, and AMOLED will become the standard on many or most high-end Android phones in the near future?will all of these upcoming AMOLEDs take this same shortcut with their resolution?

In this article, I'll explore the issue of the Nexus One's screen resolution in some detail. I'll also talk a bit about the science behind how the screen works, and I'll show you some cool image hacks that let you turn greyscale images into color, just by using pinch-and-zoom in the Nexus One's gallery application.

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Secrets of the Nexus One's screen: science, color, and hacks

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