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Feb 27, 2010
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Hey everyone, I have been on a Contract with 3UK for the past 15 months and am nearing the end of my contract. At the moment I have an unlocked iPhone 3G which is good and all but quite slow and can be annoying. I was planning to get an iPhone 3GS with a new contract or waiting for the new iPhone however the cheapest contract at the moment is ?30/pm on Vodafone, whilst this is currently ?5 more than my contract I still have to buy the device and currently have no job and am earning through adverts on my iPhone Apps, which are now no longer in the App Store as I can not afford the yearly cost.

I have read that the Android Developer Cost is ?15 outright which I can live with and afford and earn a revenue through ad's and I like to own the device I am developing for and theoretically can still develop for Jailbroken apps with my iPod Touch.

Anyway back on track. I went into a 3 Store today and asked about their devices and currently only offer the HTC Hero, I was not rocked by this due to knowing that in HTC device terms it is old and upon research fractionally faster then my iPhone 3G. However I have read that the HTC Desire could be coming to 3 UK in the Spring and if the contract is right I will move to a different carrier but with unlimited texts, 200 mins and unlimited Internet for ?25pm I think it is very hard to find. I am tempted to get an Android Phone but still have a great lust for the iPhone with its flaws.

So I need convincing that an Android phone is better and an idea of what Android phones I should look at here in the UK.

Thanks for your time


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