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Selling Unlocked HTC phone on Ebay ??Do I give the buyer the unlock code??


AC Question

Maybe these are dumb questions?

I've never sold a smartphone online and I've got most of the info I need to do it easy and smart, but I just have questions about the unlock code that I have received from my former service carrier (AT&T), and the existing SIM card.

Q1: Do I hold onto the unlock code and email it to the buyer after the sale is completed or is this done another way?

Q2: Do I include the old carriers SIM card in the phone that I'm selling?

Any obvious issues I should watch out for? Being a newb sucks.


Retired Moderator
Feb 24, 2012
If you have already unlocked the phone, you don't need to give them the code. Otherwise, yes give them the code.

Take the SIM out and do not pass it on. That's tied to the account, not to the phone.