Silent voicemail notification texts??


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Nov 6, 2012
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Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem.

Occasionally, if I miss a call and they leave a voicemail, the voicemail text I get will get sent to me silently. I don't get any notification ringtone, there is nothing in the notification bar up the top, and when I check my text messages, the voicemail text is already marked as read.

It's kind of annoying because I get pretty busy at times, and if I miss a call, and don't see any unread voicemail text (or hear the notification), I won't even think to check my voicemail for a message. I've ended up missing quite a few important messages because of this.

I can't see any way to assign voicemails a specific ringtone, so I have to assume text ringtones are global, and yet they work perfectly for regular text messages from people, and like I said, some (most) voicemail texts do make a sound and come in unread as they are meant to.

I'm posting this in this forum, because I haven't changed provider, and I've never experienced this with any other phone. After my provider does some technical checking over the next fews days, I will swap back to my Nexus 4 to see if the problem persists, but I thought I'd check with other One owners in the meantime.

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