Similar app to Beautiful Widgets?

Mr. Z

Dec 9, 2009
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hey i'm upgrading to a droid in a week and i really wanted to have the HTC sense inspired beautiful widgets app on it. so now they pulled it and everyone is basking them up. i don't completely know how android apps work, but is there a way someone can send me a copy of the app in a week when I get it?

thanks....i have no clue how this works so if what im asking is impossible let me know


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Oct 17, 2009
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you're not asking for the impossible, but you are stealing the app that way since it's not a free app.

like others have said, if you really want it to look just like the sense app, then get weather widget donate, if you like the direction that beautiful widgets has gone (which i do) then you can still buy it in the market when you get your phone.