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Small space between the screen and frame.


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Jan 18, 2015
I noticed that on the left lower corner of my Z2, there is tiny space between the frame and the screen. I noticed, because there are very small dust particles trapped in there. The phone was dropped only once, but it was in a case and it fell from a very short height on a carpet. I don't think that is the reason and I am pretty sure it's from the build itself. Should I be worried or not? Thank you.


Jul 14, 2011
These gaps are usually normal in any device (unless it's very big, noticeable, and gathers too much dust). I wouldn't worry about it unless it's causing malfunctions or if the gap widens with time.

The fall MIGHT have made it worse, but it was probably there to begin with. If you want to put your mind at ease, just ask for another Z2 to compare either from a friend or go to a store and compare them side by side.


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Jan 21, 2013
Could you post a picture of it?

Also, have you tried out the waterproofing on your phone? I use mine often and sent it off for warranty repair when the ring around the power button came off.
If this is something that could ruin your waterproof rating, I wound send it in under warranty.

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