SMS App with Voice to Text Reply Option in Car Mode


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Nov 1, 2012
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I'm looking for either an SMS App, plug-in for and SMS app, or standalone app that does the following:

When my phone is connected to a bluetooth handfree device (or in car mode) when an incoming SMS comes in:

(a) display the message and give me a big button to press to have it read aloud, or, announce the incoming message and ask me to speak yes or no to read it aloud. I prefer the former as when people are in the car I don't like any text to voice announcements at all.

(b) give me a big button I can press to reply by voice to text

This app comes close eCid:
BUT, it appears the option it has no option to prompt if you want the text read

It seems all these apps either (a) assume you want to hear the text announcement all the time when turned on, or (b) don't have a voice to text reply option.