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Aug 11, 2013
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I just got my new Galaxy S4 after I had problems with a previous, defective one. As expected, I received the message that a Software update was available. I connected the phone to my computer and used Verizon's Updater Assistant program that installs when you connect it. I used this method because I had previous issues with the phone dropping then reconnecting to my router every so often and I didn't want to interrupt the update.

Everything was installed and no errors occurred. Skip to the next day, I turn on my phone and the message pops up that I have another update. Confused, I connected the phone again and it said everything was up-to-date. I then just hit install on the phone itself and it began to update but then immediately said "error" and stopped. The phone started up like normal and I went to "About Phone" and checked for updates and it said everything was up to date. However, the "About Phone" icon is still yellow indicating that there is a problem (I presume). I'm assuming the update failed because it was already installed but what's up with the icon still saying there is a problem? And say I just installed it directly off the phone and my internet did end up dropping for a second, would that damage the update in anyway? This problem is probably happening because I used the Verizon program in the first place.

Android Version is 4.2.2

Baseband version is ME7

Edit: Just realized there is a carrier specific help section so posting there.

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