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Chris X1

Mar 3, 2014
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So, pushed the OTA to the Nexus 10 the day it popped up online. Did the same to my converted-to-GPE M7 when the update was available. The M7 was laggy as all get out, so I flashed the RUU this morning and most of the lagginess has gone away.

- Is the dialer extremely laggy for anyone else? This is the one part which is still annoying to use. I'll click on a number or contact to make a call and nothing will happen or show up for a couple of seconds. This issue was present both after pushing the OTA and, today, after flashing the RUU. The first time I used the dialer, I ended up trying to call the same number twice it was so slow.

- Is there a way to get controls for Google Music, NPR One, etc., to show up on the lock screen without turning on "notifications on while hiding sensitive information (the middle setting)?

- How do we deal with having no "mute" function? Any reasonable workaround?

- Has the stock email app disappeared for anyone? It kicks me over to Gmail, but is still present.

- Why wasn't I prompted to download the newer Messaging app in place of the old one, regardless of whether I separate Hangouts chats and SMS chats? You'd think that new app would be pushed out in place of the old app.


I generally like Lollipop. However, I feel like they needed someone to say, "OK, let's not go overboard here."

- I appreciate the animations, and but the gray, etc., piece that pulls into the screen when reaching the edge of a page is a bit overdone.

- The color palette is, imo, a bit awful. The colors don't strike me as "sophisticated", rather they strike me as harsh. And, the status bar changing colors to "something close to the main color of the app" looks bad in many cases. If it can't be the same color, it should just be transparent.

- There are still three ways that the tray slides out when tapping on the hamburger menu. The tray either a) slides out below the hamburger menu, 2) slides out below the status bar or 3) slides out over the status bar but under the wifi/cellular icons. Does anyone know which is correct according to standards? Also, should my "cover photo" by tall or short? It comes in two flavors, and shows up as a stock background in Youtube.

- Why is the "What to Watch/My Subscriptions" text in the new Youtube app in white, yet the icons (hamburger menu, Chromecast button) are black? None of the other updated apps have these items in two colors, why Youtube?

- The dialer app needs work. We have "cards" at the top for searching and our most recent. Those cards have nice buffer/borders both on the left and right. The pictures which show up in the "speed dial" section have no border on the outer edges and push right to the edge of the screen. It's a very weird look that the "cards" at the top are pinched in (properly) while the bottom contact "cards/pictures" are not.

Anyway, would appreciate answers to the above questions if anyone has any, and appreciate letting me share my rants about Lollipop in the bottom part.


Aug 11, 2012
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Some info for you... Go to Settings/Sounds & Notifications/While Locked, choose Show All Content; next go to Application Notifications, all listed Applications default to off, so you only need to address the ones you want back on, Music Player, Messages, Email, Gmail, etc.; under the ones you do not want the "preview" you show on the lock screen, select "Sensitive." This will put the small icon you used to see in the status bar during a lock screen in previous versions of Android Op Systems, but instead of up top, it drops it in a small bar below any notification not set to sensitive. The notifications not set to sensitive, but on priority, give you the preview on the lock screen, like maybe the weather. By showing all content on the lock screen, you get your Music Player controls back. Now the bar that shows the little icons on the lock screen that used to appear in the status bar can be swiped down to get a preview, and swiped back up to be consolidated as the little icons. I know that is still technically unsecured, but it sure beats not having the notifications there at all...

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