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Oct 30, 2009
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I am a long time BB user that has been seriously considering switching to Android (I would be getting the new Droid on Verizon). Obviously the phone hasn't been released yet, so my questions are about Android itself. They may be dumb so forgive me if they are but I have no experience with it at all.

My main thoughts for switching is I solely use Google products for everything (Gmail, Google Calendar, GTalk, Google Voice, etc.) Blackberries really haven't done that much besides the Gmail App (which is mediocre at best) and Google Sync, and everything is an 'app' and not a native part of the Blackberry, which I feel is weak and not as useful. While it works, I'm looking for more of a 'native' Google phone. I don't use a ton of apps besides Facebook but am always interested in what new things are coming out.

Questions on syncing in Android - is Gmail on the web and Gmail on Android identical? As in does it sync both ways and work efficiently? The Gmail App on Blackberry gets the job done but is weak (no HTML, etc.) - is it much better on Android? What about utilizing all of Gmail's functions (i.e. customized 'from' addresses, labeling, etc.) - are those active and effective in Android?

What else about Android makes it competitive/different/better to Blackberry? I've tried reading the forums and am getting an idea, but would love any sort of input from an experienced Android user. I feel like I keep waiting for the 'perfect' phone, and while I understand that no phone is perfect, I'm hoping Android really caters to the Google suite of products.


Rusty Shackelford

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Oct 20, 2009
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As a former crackberry addict, I am very much at home with android. Suffice it to say android is Google born and Google centered. If you are a major user of all things Google, there is no reason you should not be right at home on a google device.

I'm sure there are some that just won't be able to get over leaving there trusty blackberry, but I for one am not one of them. After conquering the learning curve, it is actually a much needed breath of fresh air from the archaic feeling of the bb os.

I for one was not a Google product user until I got the mytouch. In my opinion the gmail on android is better than my bb push ever was. I have converted everything I can to Google because the integration is so smooth. I have even been able to sync my contacts and calendars from my mac, to Google to my phone!

Anyway, I say take the plunge and if you're not sold in a couple weeks, move on back to bb. I'll bet you will never want to go back, but that's just my opinion. Good Luck with your decision. :D

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