Sony X10


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Dec 29, 2009
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So.. maybe this is a noob questions, but why havent i seen too much hype or info on the sony x10? Been doing A LOOOOOT of research lately on android and up coming devices and while i may end up getting a Nexus, it really seems that the X10 is positioning itself to be the best of breed android device.

Is there a reason that i am missing that it doesnt seem like many people are really excited for this device?


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Nov 11, 2009
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I was on an xperia x10 trip for awhile. Hardware wise, and UI wise its amazing.

Two things I fear:

1.) They won't polish that amazing UI enough, and it will be choppy and annoying.

2.) Upgrades will come at a snails pace compared to other manufacturers. SE is notorious for this. I don't want to be stuck on 1.6 when 3.7 is out. Yah yah, root root. There won't be a very good hacker base for SE products like there is for the Droid & especially HTC.

Those reasons alone are why I chose not to wait and get one. It is impressive though.


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Mar 19, 2010
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I'm waiting until I can compare the X10 and the HTC Desire side-by-side at the AT&T store...

I'm thinking AT&T will ruin the apps on these phones to favor Yahoo, just like with the Moto Backflip. And to make me pay for stuff that is included on the N1. I might end up with the Desire just so I can load up a ROM that wipes out all of the proprietary AT&T crap (if possible).
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