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sorting apps in "Home screen only" option

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How to sort apps in "home screen only" option
Mobile: Galaxy S9+
Android version: Pie (9)


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
That up to the launcher you're using. The default Samsung launcher doesn't. (I'm not actually aware of any that does, but you can search launcher in Play to see if any does - you're not limited to using the Samsung launcher.) About the only way of doing it in the default launcher is manually - long-press an app and move it.

But alphabetically (which is what I assume you mean)? I have mine sorted, but most of them in folders (in most launchers, if you bring one app shortcut [that's all that's on the home screen - shortcuts to the apps in the app drawer] to another one, they form a folder with both apps in them). And you can then long-press the folder and name it. I have them in alphabetical order, Backups, Camera apps, etc. (I have a few camera apps - different ones do different things differently.)

But, unless you can find a launcher that has a "sort" option, I think those are your only choices.