Speakers / Speakerphone Loud then goes to Soft Automatically in 1 to 2 seconds


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Jan 20, 2014
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I have a HTC One M7 on AT&T. It's rooted running Android 4.3.

Just this past week, I have started having an issue with the volume of the built in speakers. I first noticed it on speakerphone. When Speakerphone is first activated and turned all the way, it is loud (as loud as it has always been since new) but then within about 1-2 seconds, it gets quite a bit softer. If I am in a very quiet location, it is loud enough to use, if the location has any noise above dead quiet, the speakerphone is too soft to use.
I can repeat this over and over again, turn off speakerphone, and turn on again and the same thing happens first loud then much softer in 1 to 2 seconds. Moving the volume slider using the side rocker does not make the sound any louder either. When it is on speakerphone and I move it down from 100% volume to 0% volume, it does not start to get softer until I get down to about 25%. When I move it from 0% up to 100%, it seems to stop getting louder at about 25%, almost like there is a volume limiter on it preventing it from getting too loud.

Any ideas what might be wrong with it? I though about a factory reset but I hate to have to go through the hassle of re-installing everything if this might be a hardware issue.

I also see a similar behavior in Sirius XM Radio where it is loud at first (when started with 100% volume) then it makes it much quieter


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Dec 6, 2011
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Not sure why it wouldn't have been doing this from the start with 4.3 installed. That was one of the things that came out with 4.3, and the dev of your rom probably didn't exclude it, was the toning down of the Boom sound. There were a lot of complaints about speakers being blown, which most turned out to be something in between the speaker and the metal grill, causing a rattle. To ensure speakers weren't blowing or future blown speakers for those who actually may have blown one they toned down the volume. Why yours is loud and then quiets is probably a combination of the code used to write the rom and the volume reduction incorporated into 4.3. Try a different rom or check with the dev and see if either they can't fix it or if I'm correct and it's still incorporated in their version of the rom.

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