Split Text Messages


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Nov 30, 2012
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Hi there - this is my first Android phone and I seem to have everything reasonably sorted out after a day or so. After help from this board to learn about APNs, IMEIs, launchers, and widgets, I've got the Nexus set up the way I like it - which is refreshing coming from iOS.

The only 'issue' I have now is that when I receive text messages from Verizon iPhone users, they are broken up into multiple messages. Messages from my wife on AT&T with an iPhone come across normally. I am using the stock messaging app.

Is this a known or common issue? Any suggestions on how to get around this, via settings or maybe using a 3rd party app?

Thanks for your help!


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Dec 11, 2012
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It may have to do with how verison handles its messages? I dont live in the US so I cant say for certain, but I have never come accross this issue here in the UK.