Static Interference with Wired Headphones [K1 version]


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Feb 10, 2016
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After having audio interference issues with the Google Pixel C and touch issues, I returned that and bought the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1. However, now when I use wired in-ear headphones or ear buds, I can hear the same static-like interference like I did with the Pixel C on the Shield K1.

My Galaxy S4, my brother's iPad Mini 2, and my mom's iPad 2 do not have this problem. I tried using different ear buds on the Shield and it didn't really fix anything.

Nvidia says they can give me a replacement, but I don't want to go through this same scenario that I had with the Pixel C again.

The static is very soft and is only really noticeable with ear buds or in-ear headphones (more noticeable with in-ear headphones), however I can still faintly hear it when I watch videos.

I did a factory reset per Nvidia's instruction and made sure the in-ear headphones are plugged all the way in. This didn't fix anything.

I just wanted to know if any other Shield K1 users have the same issue.

Edit (2/22/2016 4:15PM CST): I should mention the steps to reproduce this issue, sorry about that:
1. Plug in in-ear headphones or ear buds (in-ear headphones are better).
2. Try bringing up the keyboard in an app making sure that tap sounds are enabled.
3. Tap a keyboard key and listen. There should be a slight hum for about 3-5 seconds after the tap sound ends.
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