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Dec 1, 2015
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Greetings from the other side of the Android 13 update for Verizon. So far so good, with one super annoying issue I can't seem to figure out.

Pre-update, if you wanted to change the size of the teeny tiny font in the status bar (where notification icons reside, as well as the time and battery percentage), you would go through the following steps:

Go to "Developer Options"
Go to "Simulate display with cutout"
Choose "waterfall cutout"
You will see the screen looks narrow with "waterfall cutout" but the icon on status bar become bigger. ...
Reboot your phone.
Then go back to "Simulate display with cutout".
Change to "Default"

Those steps worked flawlessly, and the status bar size would end up being much more user-friendly. You typically would go through these steps anytime you wiped the cache partition, downloaded an update, or even rebooted your phone.

After installing the update, the size of the status bar is back to tiny (as in squint-to-see tiny), and the above process no longer works.

Anyone know of any new workarounds here that DO NOT impact the layout for home/app screens, or zoom settings (the above process would leave those settings in place and resulted solely in increasing the size of the status bar)? See anything to address this in any of the other device forums here on AC?

I know there are apps for this, but I'd rather not start with 3rd party downloads given that it was something the developer options used to fix.


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