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Apr 1, 2012
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Ok, I just got the thin panictech metal bumper frame from Amazon.

THEORY: The idea was that I could get the wireless charging back, a glass screen protector and a metal bumper frame to protect my Note 4 on all sides mainly to preserve the phone for resale or trade-in value.

REALITY: NONE of the accessory manufacturers were serious about making quality accessories for the Note 4. This is evidenced by the multitude of i-accessories that have been out for months with still no Sammy equivalents a month after the Note 4 release. All of the Note 4 metal frame cases on Amazon from Verus and Spigen were preproduction runs that sold out the week before the note 4 came out... a month later, still no replacements in sight. You can tell that they were preproduction because the items completely disappeared from Amazon or are now 'not available. (vs. Out of stock) ALSO, there isn't a single glass screen protector that doesn't have problems (halo AND/OR not big enough to accommodate the curved screen).

Now back to the panictech frame. It is a buckle frame, so no screws required. It also has thin tape that is meant protect from direct contact with the phone and prevent scratches. It is NOT truly a dual layer bumper (meaning there's not a layer of TPU inside the metal) so there really is no real drop protection.

The cutouts all line up nicely EXCEPT for one of the lower Mic holes. It appears there are also cutouts that line up with the spacers in the Note 4 frame for the antenna. The metal band does not significantly affect signal in my area.

The frame does fit nicely with the wireless charging back. In terms of the the overall size, the frame and charging back are exactly the same size as the Note 4 in the Spigen slim case.

Verdict: It's a good temporary solution.

In an ideal world I'd get the equivalent of a Spigen Neo Hybrid EX Metal or Verus Iron Bumper with a iloome Screen Protector with Curve Protect. But at this time none of those things exist.

BTW NFC does still work with Samsung's wireless charging back.