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Strange charging issue


New member
Oct 22, 2013
My Note 2 (GTN-7100) is having a very strange problem when the battery runs out. The phone freezes, it wont charge or respond in anyway. I have to externally charge my new genuine battery to give it a little charge to be able to turn on. Sometimes when connected via USB it will load the battery icon however it just freezes there, it's almost as if it freezes without the phone even being turned on. I use the genuine Samsung charger, I have bought a portable charging unit so its not a problem now. I am intrigued to find out why its doing this so im hoping some clever clogs will give me my answer.:cool:
.Phone is rooted with Hawkish
.The phone charges perfectly when it actually turns on
. When my phone has charge when turned off it just reboots and wont actually turn off
I put this post into the rooting, roms and hacks category due to the fact I guessed it may have something to do with the many custom roms I have previously installed.

Thanks guys <3


New member
Mar 22, 2011
I'm not too familiar with rooting so I'll post this here as an option. When you let the battery drain completely where the phone turns off a lot of times you can't just plug it in and turn it back on. You would need to charge the device for about 10 minutes or so before the phone would turn itself on.