Stream video from S9 to Roku while using DEX?

Feb 1, 2020
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Hello all,

This is probably not an option, but I thought I'd ask just in case someone has some crazy method I haven't though of.

I have a Galaxy S9 and so far I'm really enjoying using the DEX interface. I live full time in an RV and it's really cool to use my phone as an almost complete replacement for my computer. My gaming days are pretty much over, and this does just about everything else I want it to do, if with some irritating inconveniences.
If it really works out over time, I'm thinking I might get rid of my land line connection and upgrade to an unlimited data plan to replace it. That way I can remove the one last thing that ties me to any specific location.

That said, I think it's cool that I can mirror my phone screen to my Roku player to watch videos using my mobile data plan, but it kind of sucks that I can't seem to figure out a way to do that while using DEX. For the Roku player, you can either mirror your phone screen (not available in DEX mode), which just streams what's on my screen to the TV through the Roku...or you can cast to the Roku player, but that means the Roku needs it's own internet connection, which means having a land line (which defeats the purpose) or using my phone as a hotspot. Some of you might already be guessing that I'm trying to get around the mobile hotspot data caps by streaming directly from my phone through the Roku to the TV.

I know the simple answer is to just pick one or the other, but it would be nice to be able to watch videos on my data plan while simulaneously working on my phone. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? Or maybe another option for streaming from my phone while in DEX mode without having to use my phone hotspot?

Thanks in advance!


Jul 14, 2011
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Unfortunately DeX disables screen mirroring unless it's via HDMI. There's no way around it. If you're in an RV a very long HDMI cable might be a good solution (or a 'converter'; I believe they do exist, where a box basically converts the HDMI signal into a wireless one, although you'd still have that dongle/box connected to your tablet via USB-C)

HDMI option also allows you to use the TV as an additional screen, allowing you to watch videos on the TV and use the tablet/phone for anything else (without that being mirrored to the TV) or to use as a mouse/keyboard input device.

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