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Mar 24, 2014
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A year ago I created some audio files online along with QR codes that pointed to them for my wife who is a teacher. A kid would point her Lucid to the QR Code which took the kid to the audio file stored on line and played it. She needed it done again this year but when I scan the QR code (with the same scanner software as last year), it goes to the file but only plays the last few seconds of it or it waits several minutes with the spinning wheel of death before it plays it. If I manually enter the URL in the Browser on the phone, it goes to the site, asks to play the file and there is a huge delay (minutes) before it does play it . . . in its entirety. Neither of the above options are acceptable for the use for which she needs the playback. The file plays fine (immediately and in its entirety) on an iPad both via Firefox and a QR reader. It also works fine on a Mac and PC (desktop and laptop) when I type the URL directly into Firefox, IE and Safari. I do not own an iPhone but I other teachers have tried and it works as well as the iPad. And, as I said, it worked a year ago on the Lucid.
I've rebooted the phone, removed the battery and let it sit for a half hour (excessive but I was doing other things), restarted it, etc. No change at all.
Any thoughts or trouble-shooting tips? I hesitate to post the QR code or URL (privacy issues with students) but I don't think the file itself is at fault as I have tried different files (different lengths, data rates, file containers, etc.) on dropbox with the same results.
There is no "audio playback program" necessary. The browser built into the phone plays the file directly on non-android devices and did the same on the Lucid last year. And, of course, since last year, the phone has upgraded to the latest version of ICS.

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