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Jun 8, 2012
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My phone is stuck in a "Loading..." loop and there seems to be very little I can do. I can press the power button and drag the unlock ring up and get to the screen to enter my password but after doing that I get the "Loading..." message. The home screen comes up for a second but I can't access anything on it. The only thing I can do is pull down the notifications drawer and access the Setting menu. On the running apps screen I can see most app are restarting and at the bottom it states 42 MB free, which is likely the problem but I can't see what's using all the memory and closing apps isn't freeing any of it up. If I get an email, I can launch the email from the notifications drawer.

Originally I thought to do a hard reset so I did a search for instructions only to find out that if I don't reset Google Wallet, a hard reset will likely brick the NFC chip. I can't get to Wallet to do the reset.

Is there a way to launch an app from Setting > Apps? Any other ideas. I have gone through multiple restarts and complete power down for various lengths of time. I have also let the phone run for long enough to see it would fix itself.

My phone arrived yesterday and all I've done is install apps from the Play store and a micro SD card that right now only has my music library. Yesterday I got the "Loading..." message almost every time I touched the Home button but after a few restarts all was working fine. I have no clue what happened this morning.



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Aug 11, 2012
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I just had the same problem. The only way I was able to leave the loading loop was
1) Unlock Phone
2) Pull down notifications tray
3) Click Settings
4) Click Personalize
5) Clcik Scene
6) Pick a different scene and click apply

It seems that my "scene" had some gotten corrupted.


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Mar 3, 2010
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Go to settings/developer options, then uncheck "don't keep activities". I believe that's how I got rid of my loading issue.

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