Stuttering audio over A2DP Bluetooth?


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Sep 24, 2011
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Good evening,
While walking, tonight, I paired my Plantronic Voyager 855's to my Bionic for the first time. My thirty minute phone call was flawless. The music I streamed afterwards was not.

The audio suffered periodic stutters that sounded like a buffering issue. The audio was clear, but paused every couple seconds and resumed immediately where it left off.

I did not experience this problem with my Garminfone, Nexus One, HTC HD7, Dell Venue Pro, iPhone 4, or any other handset or laptop before Bionic while using this same headset.

What is your experience with stereo Bluetooth on Droid Bionic? Please post your headset model with your description.

Thank you for your participation. :)

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Mar 22, 2010
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No issues while using my jabra stone2 or Plantronics votager pro+...streamed a bunch of music through Google music with no stuttering

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