Stuttering sound in car with Bluetooth


Jun 13, 2013
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Often (most times) when I get in my car and switch to Bluetooth audio the sound stutters from music and GPS apps. Sometimes turning off Bluetooth and back on sometimes fixes it. Sometimes restarting the phone sometimes helps. The problem occurred rarely with Android 8 but is very frequent with Android 9.

Has anyone had this happen?

I have a Pixel 2.


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Feb 12, 2012
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I have a Pixel 2 also - and about the cheapest BT capable radio you can get in a car, and no. You have to troubleshoot this one. Find another car or another phone with Bluetooth. Pair your with it (your phone in the other car or someone else's phone in your car) to see where the problem is - it could be the phone or the radio.

If it's the radio, try the dealer's service department. See if they have any notices or bulletins on that radio, or any updates. If it's the phone, you can fully replace the ROM without losing any of your data - using even the standard ROM package from Google at Google | Factory Images for Nexus and Pixel Devices. Just remove the -w from the last fastboot line before running it.

One thing to try before doing that, though, is Safe Mode - Power switch, then long-press Restart and you can restart in Safe Mode. Then (you won't have any of the apps you installed, so make sure that one of the apps the phone came with, like Google Music, has something to play) see if it still stutters. If it does, it's due to some app you installed. (Then the fun is finding out which one. TWRP [TWRP Download for walleye] is great for that. Back up data. Install apps in Safe Mode, one at a time, until it starts stuttering again. Restore data and uninstall the app that caused the stuttering.)

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