Suitable PAYG SIM card


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Dec 10, 2012
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Can anyone recommend a pay-as-you-go (preferably data only) SIM card for the N7?

Looking around there seems to be a catch with the offers out there. By my definition PAYG means you 'buy' whatever data limit you want upfront and then top-up when the paid-for data limit gets close to running out (my wife has a phone which does just that). The so called PAYG cards I can find seem to limit the use of the card's bought for data loading to each month and then, if it has not been used, the unused paid-for data expires, requiring the purchase of a new data loading thereafter each month if you want to continue to use it. Whilst not strictly a contract it is certainly not PAYG as I have experienced above and would almost inevitably require monthly payments; put plainly this a marketing ploy to obscure the real terms of use and increase the supplier's revenues (no surprise there then!). I really only want a data SIM for occasional use when WiFi is not available so don't want to recurring monthly payments.

So is there a PAYG SIM available that runs until used and then is just topped up again? I have been looking at Giff Gaff but their open ended terms give only 20GB for the first 20p and then 20p per GB thereafter (sneaky). Thanks.
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