SVoice bluetooth and reminders

Dec 29, 2010
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SVoice works pretty well for me, I've scoured the other posts here and I see people are finding all kinds of problems I don't seem to have. Although I might be more forgiving on the wake-up issues than others. But here's one that does bother me.

If I start SVoice on the phone and tell it to set a reminder it does it quite happily.

If I do the same thing through Bluetooth, for example in the car, while driving when it would be useful, it tells me 'new tasks are not supported'.

Other things work fine. I can send texts, make calls, start/stop the music player, launch navigation etc, all in hands-free mode in the car. But I can't set reminders. Does anyone know why?

This is on an S4 running Lollipop (5.0.1) stock (I did an OTA update a couple of months back, I hadn't tried this before the OTA so can't say if it changed)