Switching to android (considering Octa Core GS4)

Sanjay Chandra

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Jul 31, 2013
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Hi guys ,

I am from India.I currently have Lumia 820 running WP8 (GDR2 hasn't rolled out yet) , Due to many issues related to WP8 OS.I am considering a switch to Android.We have an iPad at home which is used by everyone.So having an Android phone would be like the best of both worlds for me.

Here we must buy unlocked devices and GS4 sold here is an Octa Core edition.I just want to know about performance in general.How does GS4 perform while browsing , Apps , playing games etc. ?
I heard from many that Octa core variant lags and an update was pushed to provide new features like moving apps to SD card but How is the performance after that update ?

If its having performance issues , I may consider upcoming iPhone 5S or Note III (because Nexus 4 storage is too low and HTC's service in my country is not good) , but Note's screen is way too big while iPhone's screen is small (and narrow)