Tab4 Bricked...


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Sep 5, 2017
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Ok guys so i was faffing about with (name moderated) installing apps in the systsem directory so when i reset to factory they would still be there... all was good untill i installed to many and i got a message saying insufficient memory, phone froze when rebooting its stuck on tab 4 loading screen..

i have an external memory and android recovery to work with as no pc recognizes this tablet, never have.

Things ive tried:

Wiping cache
resetting to factory
restarting phone
installing a new rom

Tab 4 7.0 (kitkat)

What i think needs to be done just not sure who to do it:

removing apps out the system directory or setting to default but im not sure how to do this with only android recovery that lets me update from external memory card?

£10 to who ever helps me solve this..