Tablet installs unwanted apps, locks out of settings, anybody knows what virus it is?


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My sister owns a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 (10.1) and she has a virus on it. The virus installs unwanted apps, and it goes on the lock screen after a while. When I try to delete anything, it locks me out and restarts. I can't restart it in safe mode and it has been set back to factory settings. If I try to unlock the screen it restarts too. I have a short amount of time to look into the task manager before it restarts, when I go to downloaded apps it shows a lot of virus apps (Sexy girls being one of them). The apps were never installed on there by my sister or anyone else in the family. When I try anything (Clear RAM, delete any app that causes it, etc) it stops responding. It shows ads everywhere and more apps that weren't downloaded by anyone.

When it restarts, it automatically asks how I want to install apps, when I close this it opens up again. The tablet is almost fully unresponsive and all I can do is press any of the 3 lower buttons (Task manager, Home screen, back button) before it restarts.

The virus got on it a few days ago when my sister was away from home, where she reset it. She also went into her settings, but got told she has no permission to do anything. I personally can't get into the settings simply because it forces me out and restarts.
The only app that I can see is 360 Security, and when it asks me to install an app it gives me one of two options: complete action with APUS or Touchwiz-start. I haven't used android products since early 2015, so I don't know what apps are on there manually and which aren't because I have never heard of either one.

If anybody could help me out here, it'd be much appreciated. I have had a lot of viruses on past Android products, but never something like this.

Thank you in advance,


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