tablet under $40???


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May 19, 2010
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I would not get it, but if you couldn't spend any more then $45 ($40 for tablet, $5 for shipping) it might be worth it. You'd have to decide if having any tablet now is better then saving for a better one.

This looks like an older pandigital model. It says "Android 2.0" and the info I quickly googled show that this actually comes with 2.0 - that is a really old version and quite limited. It doesn't look like it was supported very well or long by pandigital.

I did some quick research and didn't find much, if any, 3rd party development. When it was sold for less then $100 last year there were plenty of people asking about rooting, ROMS, hacks, etc. - but those discussions seemed to end very quickly when nothing was ever released (not even rumors of developers working on it).

If you can afford to spend more, there is a new crop of cheep tablets with current versions of Android for about $100. I picked up my cheep 7" tablet at Big Lots for about $100. It came with Android 4.0.3 and works great for what I want it for (ebooks, light browsing, note taking, etc), but I'm assuming that it will get little support and probably no 3rd party development.

My view is that these low-end tablets are basically disposable and should be evaluated for what they can do for you right now, rather then how long they will be supported or have updates available.


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May 11, 2011
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At the price of $40 i would avoid it like the plague. Android isn't an OS that runs smoothly on every set of hardware. No OS can. its why for a large part the more expensive options are your better choices.

The Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet would be the absolutely cheapest tablet i would consider buying. Also NVIDIA's Kai platform is an option but that isn't suppose to be available for several more months.

The best android tablet right now in my opinion is the ASUS Transformer TF300.
Quad Core, high resolution display, keyboard dock, latest version of android, plus ASUS has an excellent record in terms of updating their tablets

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