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Taking Screen Shots with Moto Voice


Active member
Nov 30, 2012
Holding the power button and the volume button down simultaneously is the usual method for taking a screen shot. However, frequently I don't get the button presses synchronized, meaning I don't capture the shot, only end up lowering the volume.

With my Turbo I've taken to using Moto Voice to take screen shots. I use my catchphrase, "Obey Me Droid Turbo", then I say "Zap my screen" and the phone takes the screen shot. Very easy, very reliable.

I'm wondering if the Moto Force Z has this same voice command? Can someone try it and confirm?


New member
Aug 3, 2012
Not working for me. Seems as if the only thing moto voice is doing is opening Google voice with a custom launch phrase. Although I think google voice is a very strong feature and I'm working on learning more ways to use it, moto isn't doing anything special with voice commands.