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Jul 3, 2010
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I've had my Nexus for about five days now. I like the phone. But I want to love the phone, and I don't right now. Coming back to Samsung after an extended HTC stay, maybe there are some things I've forgotten and you can help.

First, does this phone play well with Tasker? What's your experience? If it doesn't, I won't love this phone. After setting up the same profile to rotate ringtones as I've used on my EVOs, I've noticed: that on some ringtones it only plays about one second of the MP3 ringer before the sound cuts out, despite the fact that when you "preview" the ringtone when setting up the profile, the entire track plays. What's up with that? Also I've noticed that if you decline a call with the Nexus, the phone won't cut off the ringtone at all when you decline. You hear the entire 25-30 seconds of the clip, even if you slid to decline five seconds in.

Yesterday, I had a couple other Tasker issues. I use Tasker to silence the phone and cut off Wifi while I'm at work using the calendar entry context. Can't use my phone at work; it's not even supposed to be powered on. Fortunately I was at lunch and out of the building when I received a custom incoming text tone. The calendar entry hadn't expired, but the phone switched out of silent mode anyway. Not good. The calendar entry expires at 1:33 a.m. on days I work. But this morning at 2 a.m. when I got home, the profile still hadn't switched off and executed the exit task to restore my sound profile. I never had any of these issues on my EVOs -- the 4G or the 3D.

Also, Tasker constantly alerts me to a "low memory" state. I find this hard to believe. I have only 86 apps on the phone, as many as the phone allows are in the SD portion of the phone, and even in a low memory state, I still have over 100 megs of RAM available according to the running services page. 100 megs is "low memory?" Really? I do notice the phone is a bit laggy at times. Not a big deal for me for most applications, but I would like my Netflix to stream without rebuffering, which isn't happening now. Hulu Plus played a full episode of SNL flawlessly, but Netflix can't get me 10 minutes into a movie without acting up.

No, I'm not rooted yet. Rooted my EVO 4G, will probably root this phone too, once I decide to keep it. Anyone else having/had similar issues with their Nexus, and did you come across any solutions? Thanks.

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