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Jun 1, 2011
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I own an supersonic evt2-3 Ship S-On
HBOOT 2.16.0001
touch-panel atmelC03_16ac
Hardware v.003

No usb or root access with adb, but fastboot works. S-ON and recovery is shot only able to look at sdcard content but can not flash any images or zip images.

I was forced to learn some better Linux just to fix it, but hboot 1.1.6android 2.3.3 OTA is acting like i dated it's sister.

I need to plug usb 2 to 3 times at a rapid rate just to have phone detect usb is charging.
red Charge light comes on but no charge just drains my batt quicker.

WIFI fastboot & adb only but permission is denied on most all of my attempts to root phone.
I had no problem gaining root before the OTA update and am now unable to gain root even though i have tried 3 ways to gain root and did, but never get superuser.apk to prompt for SU permission. I misplaced an older version that did prompt me and got su but on reboot my battery fell off the phone as I was setting it down.(broken cover 3500mAh)
Breaking something more on the phone that no matter if i reset phone storage & cache no recovery has been able to install.

I devote all my time into learning what i need to know in order to fix my phone and put it back on a nandroid backup i made when i first rooted 2.1 & 2.2, but i don't know how to partition sd on PC to get ext3-4.

I know how to flash plenty of routers,HD-PCB's,ECU's just not an evo... I don't want to keep pressing my luck on it and full brick the device but all the manuals i have followed have not worked past the point i need to invoke SU bin.

Sorry if it seems more of a help request than an introduction.
Live in Austin TX
Work at live music events, IT Director for the FaderFort during SXSW
also dabble with free energy & will be working on a super capacitor DVD battery array to power my laptop or PA system using solar or wind.
If anyone wants to collaborate MSG me.

if not for this forum I would have not found out how much I enjoy messing with my phone now.
I liked it when payphones were free