The tale of three Moto Mods and my Z3 battery


Apr 19, 2011
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After reading the very sobering post by Ry in the Moto Z Force forum about degradated battery function over time ( I decided to do things a little differently with my new Moto Z3.

Let me start at the end of my day.

When I get home from work I remove my discharged Incipio battery mod and place it on the wireless charging stand to recharge. Every other day I also plug in my Mophie Juice Pack to charge.

I put the Moto Style shell from my old Z Force on my Z3 to finish out my day.

When I get ready to go to bed I put my fully charged Incipio battery mod by my work clothes that I have laid out for the next day and attach the Mophie Juice Pack mod to my Z3 to charge overnight. I have both battery mods set to efficiency mode so they don't charge the Z3 battery past 80%.

The next morning when I am ready to leave for work I remove my almost fully or half discharged Mophie mod and place it by the charger and then install the Incipio mod for the day.

For long days away from home when I plan on heavy phone use I will sometimes plug my Z3 in and charge it and the attached Moto mod (Incipio or Mophie) to 100% but mostly the Z3's battery is between 80% and 45%.

I am sure I am abusing the Moto mods but they are easy to replace compared to the battery in my Z3.

I hope you find this interesting or useful.



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Apr 12, 2012
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The OG Moto Z Force probably had battery degradation because turbocharging caused there to be a fair amount of heat (the Moto X Pure was even worse). The Z3 charges fast, but the battery generally stays pretty cool all things considered s hopefully it will degrade at a slower rate. Using the Moto mods for trickle or slow type charging should be even better.

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