Thunderbolt radio question


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Sep 13, 2011
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I just rooted my thunderbolt and started flashing ROMs. A very highly recommended ROM gave me trouble - Thundershed. I am a NOOB so let's go slow on this:
I flashed the ROM, then I flashed the gapps. After reboot, homescreen button doesn't work, phone forecloses, totally unusable. After some investigation and reading, it looks like I might need to upgrade my radio. Is there a radio that is good for everything? I can't find a great step by step on this and don't want to mess it up. Also, would be great to see how to flash a new kernal.
BTW - I flashed Gingeritis and it worked well, just trying to see some other stuff.


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Feb 20, 2011
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Here goes a link for upgrading your radio.

[RADIO] HTC Thunderbolt Radios [] (Updated: 20 Oct 2011) - Thunderbolt - RootzWiki

Your problem doesn't sound like radio issue though. You should try to flash the rom again, make sure you wipe your device before installing.

If you want to try a different kernel, it just like flashing a new rom. Just download it to SD card and flash. Make sure you get the right kernel though. There are ones for aosp and sense roms. Here is a link to some kernels.

Thunderbolt ROMs & Kernels Listing v3.0 + Mecha Shipped Roms - Football [README] - xda-developers