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Jul 26, 2014
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What are everyone's favorite digital watch faces for the Ticwatches, and is anyone using (or able to use) a messaging app other than Google's default one when connected to a Ticwatch for text notifications?

For many years I have used a Asus Zenwatch 2 watch. Due to shortening battery life, occasional problems charging the watch, some watch face screen burn in, and after repairing the watch with a new phone (Note 9) it now lost the ability to use the Verizon Messages+ app and the Samsung Messages app (which I liked using on both my watch and my phone).

All of those issues combined made me decide to purchase a new Android / Wear OS smartwatch. After a little bit of reading reviews, checking prices, and looking at promotions I decided to purchase a Ticwatch Pro (all black) from Amazon. Today they had a promotion going where you could get a TicWatch Pro and get a Ticband free as well as a $50 off coupon button on the page. So I got the two for a total of $199. (Edit: Mobvoi also has the same promotion going on their own site).

With my Zenwatch 2 I've gone back and forth between the Glance (exclusive to the ZenWatch?) and Slices digital watch faces. (I like the layout, color, and fact that I can have six different quick access smart features showing on the screen along with my schedule from my phone calendar and the date and time all at the same time on the Glance face. I currently have the watch battery, stopwatch timer, alarm, weather, phone battery, and sunrise/sunset all showing on the face at the same time on the screen). For those using Ticwatches and digital watch faces what have been your favorite watch faces to use?

I saw Brad's Pujie Black watch face in the other thread, but am not interested in paying for a watch face when there are so many free ones out there.

I came across MobVoi's watch faces on their forum, and quite a few look interesting. Anyone using any of these?


Guessing a watch face with mostly black for a background would be best for battery life as well as burn in protection. (Everyone go into developer options and enable burn in protection on their watches?)
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May 7, 2015
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I too moved from a ZW2 to a TicWatch E. I use Messages from Google, aka Android Messages, as my default SMS/MMS on my phone and watch. You can read, send and receive messages on the watch, phone and via the web on your computer. As for the watch face, I use the built in one called Blues.


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May 16, 2012
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I like Swift watchface by Thema. I use it on all my Wear OS devices. Highly informative with many customization options.


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Mar 1, 2012
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I also use the Swift watchface on my Ticwatch E.
I use Textra for SMS and it is the only messaging app that I get a long vibrate for text message received and short vibrate for everything else. That's very handy!

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