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Feb 20, 2011
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Has anyone plaed with the time lapse in the video options on the Xoom? I think its super cool, and defintely something I'll play with/use


Apr 14, 2012
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Dear all Time Lapse Photographers,

We have just released a Free Time Lapse application on the Android Market.

You can download it for free here:

This application is designed to help you to win the Qualcomm's One Charge challenge by creating your own time lapse video for submission. In order to help you to create a video to win this competition, we have decided to release this application ahead of its schedule. Hence, please forgive us for the lack of UI design and any potential problems you may find with the application.

As of today, 12th April 2012, there is ZERO video submitted for the One Charge challenge. (Does this mean any video submitted will be guaranteed to win?)

In any case, Qualcomm's One Charge challenge deadline is on the 20th April. If you are still interested to win a new phone or tablet from Qualcomm, we would suggest that you try to create a video/photo for submission as soon as possible.

Our internal test shows that this application was able to capture photos for over 24hrs in a single charge using Nexus One, Android 2.3 using 24/7 Time Lapse's default settings with the preview turned off. Our best competitor's application was only able to last at most 6 hr under the same conditions (More details on these tests can be found on our web site - Time Lapse Application Battery Life Comparison | 24/7 Time Lapse Android Smartphone Application in the coming days and weeks).

Yes, we know this level of battery life sounds unbelievable but this is true and we would be interested to hear from you how many photos and how many hours you managed get with a full charge using your phone/tablet. Remember to tell us what is your phone/tablet model and whether you have turned on/off your WIFI, GPS and GSM radio (airplane on/off).

Robert on April 12, 2012 (HTC Shooter with version 0.1)
The claims are true
I've tested for 3 hours, capturing a photo every minute, and the battery level is the same as if the phone has not been used.

Portable Electronics Ltd
24/7 Time Lapse Android Application Home Page | 24/7 Time Lapse Android Smartphone Application

Has anyone plaed with the time lapse in the video options on the Xoom? I think its super cool, and defintely something I'll play with/use
Can you see how many hours and how many photos you can capture with your Zoom using our 24/7 Time Lapse app?
Based on our internal test so far, we estimate that that the Zoom should be able to run for about 60hrs, taking 3600 photos. Possibly more on actual test.