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Jun 26, 2011
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First android application which lets you create your own tiny planets from your photos. Tiny Planet Fx works instantly, you get the result with one tap, which on desktop you would needs 15 minutes photoshop tutorial. Tiny Planet FX is much better and have more features than similar apps on other platforms.

Tiny Planet FX works instantly, does not take any process time. Simply just click and get the result.
It is not a fixed effect, it gives you millions of possibilities by letting you adjust the 4 basic parameters.
By adjusting these parameters you can invert your planet inside out and get tiny tubes or just zoom in and out to make a small big planet.

Tiny Planet FX works best with classic landscape photos especially with panoramic images, however other types of photos can lead to surprising and exciting results.

Use Tiny Planet FX combination with panorama apps for great results.
Take panorama shot first, then select the taken image inside the Tiny Planet FX from your gallery.

Tiny Planet FX is much faster than Photo Sphere's tiny planet effect.
Tiny Planet FX gives you much more control on final image compared to Photo Sphere's tiny planet effect.
Don't wait jelly bean to have the great effect Tiny Planet.
Crop the image so you can select the focused part of the result image, also make your images with crop to make it landscape.
You don't have to make your selected image landscape but it is recommended.

*** FEATURES ***

1. Use photos from your gallery.
2. Take photos inside the app.
3. Crop the image so you can select the focused part of the result image.
4. Use panoramic photos to create 360 degree spherical panoramic results.
5. Create your own a stereographic projection out of your photo: your tiny planet
6. Tiny Planet FX app can also crate tiny tubes from your images.
7. The result photos of Tiny Planets and Tiny Tubes will be saved in your sdcard with one click.
8. Share your Tiny Planet photos on Facebook or via email.




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