Touch and/or Drag interactions flaky


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Dec 24, 2013
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I just recently switched from a Lenovo 8" tablet to a Samsung T580 Tab 10.1 and I'm finding basic home-page app opening or icon dragging to be troublesome. I don't think the device is faulty, I think it just needs some tweaks to settings that somehow I'm not finding.


I'll tap on a home-page icon to open an app and instead of opening, either (a) nothing happens other than perhaps the background of the icon changing or some other visual indicator that it definitely knew I touched it but it chose not to open the app - perhaps it thought I pressed it too briefly, or (b) the home-page goes into re-arrange icons mode. A normal (8 years experience of Android on multiple phones and tablets) press just isn't working.

Ideally I'd like it to ignore any press less than, say, 10ms. Anything between 10ms and 400ms be the 'open' action (or whatever normal press action is relevant, e.g. make a choice in the virtual keyboard of one of the predictive text words), and anything longer than 400ms goes into drag (re-arrange) mode. That's more or less how things have worked on every other phone or tablet.

I sometimes find myself having to press a home-page icon 5 or 6 times to open it. When in the virtual keyboard, and I choose a predicted word I see the background of that word (and a rectangle around it) animate, showing that it knows I've pressed briefly, but it made the choice to not take the action. Again needing multiple presses to make the action happen.

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