Touch Input Blocked


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Jul 26, 2018
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I am since 1 year a happy owner of the samsung galaxy S8. But since today in my screen on the background is a message with touch input blocked! It's in the back of my screen only when I am in a light website or app I can see it. Also I can't click on it it's just stock there. Further also no problems I can keep on using it and it has no issues. Still I really hope someone knows how to solve this problem.

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Jul 14, 2011
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If you only see it with light backgrounds it sounds more like burn-in (an image that is 'stuck' in the display panel from displaying it for too long or with an increased brightness for an extended period of time) than an actual pop-up (which also explains why you can't get it to be actionable, because it's not really's just burnt into the screen). If you look at a picture of a white background and you see the message, try rotating your phone; if the image rotates but the message doesn't, then it's definitely burn-in.

In most cases this can go away on its own or by 'cycling' through various colors continuously, but in other cases the damage to the display panel might be permanent.