Trade ins? accepted at tmobile?

Sydni Cummings

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Aug 12, 2013
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I am really wanting to get an iPhone 5 16 gigabyte, but I have a galaxy s 4 16 gigabyte. Can I go into T Mobile and tell them I want to trade in? Do I have to have a receipt? Is this even possible? I also was thinking about getting one on Craigslist and purchasing a nano SIM card. How much would that be? I don't really know what I'm doing, & I couldn't call T Mobile so I really need help.


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Jun 4, 2010
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If you are wanting to trade in the Galaxy that shouldn't be any problem as long as there is no physical or liquid damage. They will also check to make sure the IMEI is not locked (reported lost or stolen). As long as everything is good they will offer you an amount for it and that can come off your upfront cost on the iPhone. If you are wanting to get an iPhone on craigslist then just let them know you need a nano SIM. Should only tn you the $10 SIM starter kit

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