Transfer iTunes Playlist Google's "Play Music" app on Android?

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Hi all,

I don't use Apple products (except for my Gym iPod) but iTunes is my music player of choice and I have a few playlists set up on there.

I have a Galaxy S7 and have copied my entire iTunes library onto my SD card making all my music available via the Google "Play Music" app, but cannot find a way to quickly and simply create/copy/mirror the playlists I have in iTunes.

I know how to manually create them song-by-song, but with 200+ songs per playlist this will take a whole afternoon if not longer.

I have found very little information online, with only 1 thread dating back from 2010 suggesting I export the playlist as a .m3u file extension from iTunes and drop it into my SD/music folder on my phone, but this has not worked - no playlist shows up in my Playlist menu within the app.

Any advice? Thanks.


Mar 25, 2016
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I'm the op.

Yes I'd ideally like something whereby if all the music is available, there's simply some sort of playlist file that dictates which songs constitute the whole.

So, if for example I had a playlist of 200 songs and suddenly decided to get rid of 50 of them, I could re-export that playlist onto my phone and overwrite the old one, removing the same 50 songs (only from the Playlist, not the phone), with ease.

Is it 2016 and this still isn't possible? When my Windows Phone was coming to the end of its life one of the things I kept thinking was "not long now until my mobile music is easy to manage..." seems I was telling myself a lie.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Not sure if there's something that can easily accomplish what you want. Yes, it's 2016, but remember that in 2016, much of the focus for music solutions is on streaming services like Spotify--so there's less impetus for people to develop the kind of solution you're looking for. Not that I disagree with you--I'm still in the own-your-own-music-library camp, but I just store it all in my Google Play Music cloud and listen to specific albums. The only playlist I maintain is a huge Thumbs Up playlist through Google Play Music.
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