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Triumph Keeps Getting Slower

Kale Blossom

New member
Apr 2, 2012
It seems like ALL my devices are getting slower(my laptop too, but sooo many virus scans, and nothing)

Anyway, in my triumph; it's slowing down like my old intercept did. The thing is getting an even worse lag than before I rooted and whatnot! It feels like my phone is trying to tell me it's old and kicking the bucket, but I don't want to get a new phone, this thing is less than a year old!

Sooooo, is there anyway to speed it up(I don't know how to overclock, but isn't that terrible on the battery?)? It's mainly apps and such that lag in loading and whatnot, even the homescreen! :<

Thanks in advance everyone!


New member
Nov 1, 2012
I had this problem and I restored the phone and reinstalled all the apps. Now it's running like new again. I suspect that it's like Windows where the uninstalled apps leave crap in the system that slows everything down. My phone was down to only 90MB free on internal, now with all the same apps I was running restored (via Titanium backup) I have 700MB free.

Chris DeHoyos

New member
May 8, 2013
Call virgin mobile and they'll send you a new (refurb) phone. I'm on my 3rd...

LMAO! Im on my 11th in just over a year. Their refurbs are JUNK! I've told them so many times. When I told them Helen Keller could do a better job than they do, they were speechless.