Two of Three Purchased Books Not Displaying in Play Books App


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Mar 3, 2010
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I did a search, and I can't find anyone else experiencing this... So what happened is that I decided to purchase a few books (Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Hitchhiker's Guide), and after I went through the purchases, I opened the Play Books app. to check 'em out. However, only Game of Thrones is there. I even checked the web app.

They all show up in "My Orders & Devices," and every one of the charges has gone through on my bank account. I did the "Report a problem" next to the two that aren't displaying, but is that a way to actually contact Google and receive a response (and hopefully solution), or is it more of a bug report system? If the latter, does anyone know how I could go about getting in touch with Google? I'm not finding any other way that would pertain to a Market (sorry, Play Store) issue.

If anyone has any insight or suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!