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Aug 23, 2011
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First Allow me to show you this,

My current setup -
Eclipse v1.3.1 - Download w/ Imoseyon Kernel (Install GummyCharged 2.0 via CWM, let it boot. Then reboot into recovery and install Eclipse 1.3.1 over it.)
Not sure my current theme makes much of a difference as far as battery but I'm using Honeycomb 1.1 found on the same post as Eclipse v1.3.1.

Battery Tips! -
Force your phone to run in 3G only use 4G when your browsing or downloading.
(Settings > Wireless & network > Mobile networks > System selection > CDMA mode > Automatic)

Set your brightness to 1 notch above all the way down. Cuts back on sensor use for light detection.
(Settings > Display settings > Brightness) [I would like to note the picture above I've had auto brightness on the entire time. However some have seen battery improvement setting it this way.]

Make sure GPS is off when not in use.
(Settings > Location & security) [Side note: I keep Google Location Services On 24/7]

Make sure Wi-fi & Bluetooth are off when not in use.
(Settings > Wireless & network > Wi-Fi settings) (Settings > Wireless & network > Bluetooth settings)

Side tips I've read but think are silly [No offense, These just hinder what I like about my Droid] -
Using a straight black image as your background. (I like something cool to look at on my background my background is dark but has various streaming colors though it)

Turning mobile data sync off
(Pull down > Click it off) I don't do this, I keep it on all the time. I need to get my e-mails all the time.

Story! -
Recently changed my phone from stock this past week, I would like to point out that ROMing your phone could leave it bricked and is a do at your own risk procedure! I am more then happy to help those with how I got my setup to where I did if asked. I would point out that when I first got my charge I was a heavy user browsing the web, using 4G all the time and so forth. I was getting about 7 ~ 9 hours battery. Since its not so new to me now I've settled down a little with my addiction to it. I still use it a lot! I use it for GPS throughout the day, browsing Cnet on the web, as well as playing games like Angry Birds when I'm waiting around for stuff to happen.

I would rate my use currently as moderate. I do not make a lot of calls(Only thing limited on my plan is my minutes), however I do send somewhere around 50 ~ 200 texts a day. I also have AIM mobile on from time to time. So far the ROMed charge has treated me perfectly! So far I haven't had a charge last less then 14 hours with this setup! I hope that these tips help some people! I figured I would try and find a compilation of all things people have tried that have work and get them in one easy to find thread.

Special Thanks -
Many thanks to the GummyCharged Team & Imoseyon!
As well as nitroglycerine33 over on XDA-Developers!
and to everyone in the android community trying to make it better for all!
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