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I have a Samsung Note 1 SGH I717D (Telus) I was trying to refresh everything in my mobile while experimenting with recovery options. So I first hard reset it then rebooted into recovery and clean wipe dalvik cache, some other cache and also formatted the storages it was showing sdcard0 and sdcard1.

Then I rebooted the device and since then it is unable to boot. When I press power to switch it on it comes up gives that boot up vibration then shows Samsung logo for a sec and then screen goes black earlier cyanogen loader animation used to come at this point. I removed the battery and then try again same thing. Beside this if I connect the phone while off to charger it also shows the charging animation.

I searched the internet and here found that Odin can help. But it is unable to detect my device and i am also confused how it will detect a device which is off.

Probably I removed the OS from the device during formatting is it? If yes how can I bring my device back?


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Jan 5, 2012
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Can you get into download mode? (power, home volume down). If you can Odin will then be able to connect. You will need to get the exact firmware for your device (Try Sammobile) so you can flash it

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