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Unable to install apks after download

Ryu Anakin

Oct 9, 2017
I got galaxy note edge (model number; sm-n915T),rooted with twrp recovery. Ever since then I'm unable to install any third party apps I download i.e I can download and install apps from google play but when I download apks from browsers, I get an error saying 'the package appears to be corrupt' during installation. Now I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with the apks I downloaded since I've used them before and they worked well. The problem persists with every apk file I download. I've tried installing via ADB and have managed to successfully install apks, but I can't use my mobile to install apks i.e I'll have to connect my mobile every time to my pc to in order for me to install them via ADB. Requesting possible solutions, ty. Edit*: I have allowed installation from unkown sources.
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