Unable to pair Bluetooth keyboard to android tablet

shadi shtaklef

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Nov 26, 2016
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My tablet is Galaxy tab pro 8.4, the model number is sm-t719, Android version is 6.0.1 and I rooted my device

In the past I was using the Microsoft universal Bluetooth keyboard (the non foldable keyboard) with my tablet and i was able to pair successfully with my tablet

After that the keyboard spoilt and I bought a new keyboard which is the same model. I also was able to successfully pair with the new keyboard, but I had to return it because the built in battery is damaged and it does not charge

I just got a new keyboard which is the same model but now I am unable to pair it to my tablet. I will tell u the problem

I was able to successfully pair the Bluetooth keyboard to my windows pc. The pc detected the keyboard and it asked me to type in the pass key on the keyboard, the pass key stayed showing on my pc and it didn't go away, I typed the pass key correctly and the pairing was successful. The same thing happened when I paired with an iPhone and the pairing was successful

The problem is when I tried to pair it with my tablet. The pass key shows on the tablet, but it is going away very fast and it says pairing unsuccessful and I am not getting the chance to type in the pass key on the keyboard. If i type in a digit and press enter quickly before the pass key goes away then it will say unable to pair immediately after I press enter so it means the tablet is reading the keystrokes of the keyboard but I am unable to type in the correct pass key

Also I noticed that my tablet is not immediately detecting the keyboard. I have to press scan on the tablet a few times until the keyboard shows in available devices

I tried everything. I switched Bluetooth off then on and I even restarted the tablet. No luck

I can pair tablet to another device like sound bar. I didn't yet get the chance to try and pair keyboard with another android device

What is going on? How do I fix the problem?