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Jan 9, 2013
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(New 7.7 owner) I read in the P6810 manual (Page 12) that you can't charge the tab via USB, but after a session moving files between PC and Galaxy Tab, the battery shows 100%. This was using the cable supplied with the tablet and using the Kies program.
Since the PC is on most of the day, this made me consider buying a USB dock. Would this act the same way as the standard cable supplied? I use Kies to synchronise the tab with Outlook 2010 (especially the calendar). Does anyone foresee any problems with this arrangement? Is there any dock which stands out from the others? I have seen one which looks good value at: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 USB Dock - Black

Later - I found out that the statement that you can't charge the tab (from a PC) via USB refers to when the battery is completely drained. It needs at least 2 amps to charge a flat battery. The Tab will receive a trickle charge when connected to a PC for data transfer and if left connected long enough will fully charge the tab's battery.
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