Userdictionary high CPU usage


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Mar 11, 2014
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I have a i9505 and I updated to android 4.4 and I have an issue with high CPU usage, I may have had the issue on 4.2 too but I am not sure.

Occasionally I notice high CPU usage and my battery life is quickly starts falling. I see two android.process.acore using a lot of CPU and I cannot kill them. When I look at them they are both and seem to refuse any attempt to end the process. The only apps I had used since booting the phone was whatsapp , gosms and email app (only to view and not reply to any emails) I have tried changing to a different sms application and the problems still occurs and the sms is what causes it

I have not loaded any new applications and I cannot see what has called the userdictionary process and why it keeps coming up and using high CPU.

A reboot of the device solves the issue, but it will recur again at some point.